July 16, 2018

XLR8 Reports

You know something is wrong with a vendor’s assessment reports when your teachers cannot readily acquire, interpret, and use the data. You know something is dramatically wrong if your most experienced teachers also struggle!

XLR8 reports – with their use of numerical and graphical representations, plus placement, ordering, and proportion of key informational elements – make for prompt and accurate response to data. XLR8’s reports just make sense. We are particularly gratified to hear that our reports may actually accelerate the user’s acquisition, interpretation, and resulting response to data.

New features include:

  • View Adjustment: Properly expand and display more pertinent data on screen.
  • Instant Report Filtering: With a click, the report’s filters can adjust to display information from a specific group or category.
  • Detailed performance on Standards Report: Allows review of a class’s performance on a given standard – across multiple assessments.