July 16, 2018

Common Core Item Bank

Targeted to Your Needs

Whatever your needs, we will deliver! Ed Tech Soft offers Items aligned to YOUR state standards along with the Common Core State Standards. Do you have the quantity and quality of test items needed to accurately assess your student population in key subject areas across grade levels?  We can supply you with a robust Item Bank or help strategically fill in your gaps. If needed, we can also provide a proven formative assessment platform for your educators to easily create and deliver assessments.


Designed with Quality in Mind

Ed Tech Soft believes in constructing items that undergo a rigorous creation method. Our item bank life cycle advances through a seven-stage process grounded in research, development, and analysis. Each stage ensures that our items have the utmost quality and are producing reliable and valid results. Our Item Banks help students master their curriculum and prepare them for both end of course/ grade exams and state exams. In addition, our item banks can be incorporated into progress monitoring and intervention programs.